>> Thursday, January 20, 2011

I love creating spaces with found things. I believe good interiors are curated, like a museum. One day in a big box store or even a high end retailer just won't do it. To make something unique, or one of a kind, takes time. But sometimes in the real world, time is not on your side. Sometimes clients come to you with a party scheduled at the end of the month and "it just needs to get done." One of my favorite found things stores in Boston is Mohr and McPherson. They do a great job of curating their pieces. No two things are alike.

I love this x-base table.
 This sofa was on sale last week and if we had just a couple more square feet, it would have come to live with us. Mr. Sabbe loves some chesterfield sofas, as does his wife.
They work with the trade, but also sell directly to the public. If you are in the South End you should check them out.

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