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>> Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I wish I had access to all of the photo cards my husband and I ( I ) have created in our 4 years of marriage, unfortunatley most are in storage back in TN. I do have some of the photos. This was last year. It was our first Christmas in Boston, thus the historic Boston architecture in the background.

And the year before we left Memphis we had a little Memphis tribute in the background.
And the year before that we used a photo his parents took at a friend's wedding.
And our first year as a Mr. and Mrs. was a collage of wedding photos.

Last year a Boston friend pointed out to me, after spending some time looking over my card covered refrigerator, that we Southerners sure do like seeing ourselves on photo cards. This post pretty much verifies that she is cooorect! It's like monogramming. I don't know why we need our initials on everything, but we do. Photo cards are fun. For a month, sometimes longer, my fridge is a scrapbook of all of my favorite people.

All of the above is why I am excited that Shutterfly is offering a 50 free Christmas cards promotion to bloggers. I can honestly say that we have ordered our Christmas photo cards from them every year and have yet to be disappointed. Plus, they are typically the best deal around. We even ordered my father-in-law a wall calendar of sweet Zoe last year, which he loved. And last week we received the cutest shutterfly party invite from one of Bryan's co-workers, which is something I had not considered.

I get 50 free cards for this post! Here is the link to go get 50 for yourself!

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