>> Thursday, August 12, 2010

As we get closer and closer to making our new(ish) apartment in Fenway feel like home, I starting thinking about our marathon run through the city to find our first Boston apartment. It was a gorgeous weekend.

But apartment hunting in the city is some serious business.
Remember this little gem we saw in Back Bay? It leased in a day, which I still believe was only due to the renter's cool stuff.
After 17 apartments we were exhausted.
And then we found this guy...a space only a designer (with big time designer goggles on) could love.
And we transformed it into this
And then in June we started all over.
And since I have already painted some walls in this new place, Mr.Sabbe says I'm here for a 3 year minimum.
That's probably ok with me. This place has lots and lots of windows! It was not until I lived behind bars for a year that I realized how much I need bright, happy sunshine pouring in through my windows. Photos of the new place coming soon

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