Rocca, D Scale, and Dennis Duffy

>> Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This is Dennis Duffy. He's a pretty popular Interior Designer here in Beantown, maybe in your town too.
Last week Dennis lead a tour for the IIDA showcasing some of his recent projects. First stop was Rocca. The owner of the restaurant helped show us around. She seemed to be pretty into "concept design" and encouraged Dennis to loosely base his design concept around coastal cliffs in Italy. I love clients that get into concept design. Design is SO much more fun when it's not just about a color, or a fabric, when it actually has a DNA. Note: "concept" design and "theme" design are two totally different ideas. I prefer the former.
I think Dennis and his team did a fabulous job! And the food looked pretty yummy too.
Next we walked over to Dennis' retail store, D Scale, where he custom designs all the furniture.
There were some yummy things there as well.
This is my best Boston interior design friend, Terry Harris. Everyone designer should know a Terry Harris. She's been designing in Boston for over 25 years. Anytime I go to a design related party where I do not know anyone, which is often since moving to Boston, I say "oh, I'm friends with Terry Harris." It's my #1 ice breaker. It works. She's also says "pizzer, yoger, and baaaaaaaston" and that alone makes me smile.
This handrail detail is awesome.
Everyone liked that handrail.

Thanks Dennis! It was nice to meet you.

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