>> Thursday, April 22, 2010

I have had visions of buying an old piece of furniture and having it re-upholstered for the past two weeks. We are in the market for a couple of new pieces and we've decided we are too old to make any more "until we have money" purchases. I also walk past a glass front upholstery shop everyday on the way to work. Which for me is like a candy store.

So in my mind we have three options...1. cough up the big bucks for a nice new sofa from a reputable retail store (while begging them to give me the deepest designer discount possible) 2. have something made in Hickory and have it shipped up here (in my opinion, the best quality guarantee) 3. buy something old (and solid) on ole' Craiger's list, strip it down to the frame, and put it back together.

Here are some CG finds that I see potential in, all under $50
And these are not so old, but really good deals if you are looking and are not creeped out by other people's upholstery. I kind of am, but I'm creeped out by a lot of things.
Leather I think I might be able to do...seems more cleanable. This guy is only $275
And just to show you the range of my visions. I can imagine a room where this guy would rock...
Boston, did you know you can have your furniture upholstered at the prison?

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