Meet Me on the Lawn

>> Thursday, January 7, 2010

At Toole Ad agency you can meet someone on the lawn on the way to the break room.

The conference rooms are below grade and grass is planted in a tray like deck on top. It's an interior green roof! love it.
I love the way they did these offices.... looooove frameless glass.

Side Note: I once designed a corporate office space where we used a ton of frameless glass. I thought it was so clean and crisp and some how convinced our client that they did not need to put any type of film on the glass for safety reasons. I believe my exact words were "no one is just going to walk into a door, it has a handle. They will see it, trust me." A week later I am on the job site, doing the punch list and I hear SMACK. I turn around and a senior accountant, who works for the firm, is holding his nose...blood running down his mouth. My client looks at me and smiles.
I designed a film pattern for the glass that afternoon.

I love this space. I not only want to work here, but I want a client that is this fun.

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