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>> Thursday, May 14, 2009

About this time a year ago I was knee deep in magazines, collecting inspiring images for a hotel project that had just come in. It was fun, I was inspired. This spring, as I find myself about to embark on the fierce world of unemployment, I've decided I will spend my downtime {crossing my fingers that it is brief} working on an entry for THIS competition. Hotel guestrooms are fun.
And I think it's about time I put my 4 years of LEED APness to good use.

You want to know the 276th reason I'm excited about moving to Boston? I saw a lady at the airport last week posing next to a LEED plaque it was an Elvis costume at Graceland. Mr. Sabbe {who has been well informed, by his wife, on all things LEED} turned to me and said We're not in Memphis anymore.

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