Marvelously Mirrored in Beacon Hill

>> Saturday, May 2, 2009

We woke up bright and early this morning to begin our first day of marathon apartment touring. Three agents, 14 apartments, and several Dunkin Donuts coffees later we are planning to retire in whatever we eventually find.

We got off to a somewhat rough start. At apartment number one we were greeted by a sweet woman who informed us, in her thick French accent, "no, no...I just move in." At apartment number two the agents key did not work. Three was good, four was better.

Fast forward 3 hours, 2 agents, and seven apartments.We are tired. We are fast walking behind the fastest walking real estate agent in Boston, all the while trying to scarf down the lunch we did not have time to eat. We approach a cute brownstone. But we do not let this get us excited . We have seen many deceiving brownstones today....cute on the outside {Mr. Sabbe calls them Huxstable houses} ...scary, AstroTurf carpet on the inside {ie. Bill Cosby was not the last tenant}

We drag our feet up the stairs as the agent works his way through the 1,000 keys in his pocket, trying to find the one that fits the door. He opens it....and low and's gorgeous!

The furniture! So perfect for the space. I could see my furniture in this room. It's like they staged it just for us...knowing we had to look through papasan and la-z-boys all day. Our brains were tired...and this space offered the perfect relief.

The pure white molding on top of the bisque colored walls gave it such depth compared to the white on white we had toured all morning.

It took me a while to figure out exactly why this space felt so wonderful. Keep in mind this apartment was probably 500 s.f. max...but here is the secret...look closely at the photo you see it?

Ninety percent of the furniture in the room is mirrored! You experience the space twelve times over with every glance. And being a designer who is dreadfully opposed to mirroring walls to make the "room looks bigger"...I was pleasantly deceived.

The bedroom was so simple, so chic.

Sunlight poured in through the windows.

After a day of dirty bathtubs and below grade windows, we breathed a sigh of relief...we can do this...we do not have to compromise style for location. We check out a few more and head back to the realtor's office. As we were getting started on our paperwork the owner of the company walks in...

Find something you like?...oh yeah, that cute one in Beacon cute....
yeah that leased yesterday!

Que sera sera

On the way home I thought I would give myself a little pick me up and peek around in this modern furniture store...but Mr. Sabbe's stomach growled otherwise.

Stay tuned...round two begins in the morning!

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