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>> Monday, January 26, 2009

My husband tells a story, that many of you probably share, about playing doctor with a little girl on the playground...Mama Sabbe finds out...little Sabbe gets in trouble. I somehow missed out on this childhood story {probably because good southern girls do not play doctor with little boys on the playground, eh em} But the funniest scenario occurred in my living room this past Saturday and I must say I felt like I was witnessing a bit of Mr. Sabbe's history...but with a Jerry Springer twist.

Mr. Sabbe is studying to be a doctor. An anesthesiologist to be exact. If you have not gone through the process of becoming a doctor with someone you'll would be very relieved at some of the things they make them do in the hopes of making them into good physicians. Since their first year they have had to take different clinical skills exams. In these exams they see actor- patients who often have a variety of different ailments. They are tested both on their medical knowledge and their bedside manner.

Mr. Sabbe is now in his fourth year and headed to Atlanta to take his USMLE Clinical Skills's the big one...the final one. But before he left he felt like he could use some practice, so he called his friend Taylor who is also about to take the exam and together they played my living room. As I pretended to sew in the room next door this is what I heard...
Dr. Sabbe: So yes...Mrs. Robinson...your chart says you've been experiencing some unwanted weight gain and you have not had your menstral cycle in over 6 months
Mrs. Robinson (played by Taylor): Yeeeees (his character is also very southern), do you think I might be going through menepause? I'm only 36....

Dr. Sabbe: Hmm...let's see...have you had any vaginal discharge or experienced any breast lactation.

Mrs. Robinson: Hmm...I cannot seem to remember (still in character)let me check my script....

After hearing this sampling how could anyone question Mr. Sabbe's choice of anesthesia or Mrs. Robinson's choice of radiology oncology?! Blaaa...I'm terribly immature and was doing my fake throw up motions from the dining room as I peered in...distracting them both...but come on...the 1984 version had nothing on this.

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