"...practice hospitality"- Romans 12:13

>> Monday, January 12, 2009

I've been meaning to share this site the past week and have not had time. For all you good southern women out there...note: I give a shout out to the south only because we claim this little thing called hospitality as a part of our identity. Northerners may have it too...who knows, Westerners may have us all beat. But somewhere along the way someone coined the phrase Southern Hospitality and I must say...I'm glad we got it first. Anyway, a little helpful tool I've found is a site called Ekklesion. You can add a friend or family onto a menu, ie. if they've had a baby, or had surgery and you want to organize some meals to come over to their house. It makes it SO easy. So practice hospitality...it's as easy as sending out an Evite!

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