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>> Wednesday, November 5, 2008

All my Church of Christ friends please brace yourself.

We had an anniversary party last weekend at my church. It was not your typical church party. It was on the roof top of the Peabody Hotel and we danced…until we were sweaty….not your typical church party. And while they played some mainstream music like Rihanna’s Live Your Life (love that song), they mostly played Christian music. And when I think Christian music I do not typically think of sweaty dance parties…and that’s why I wanted to share LeCrae’s music. He is a member at my church and if you like rap you will totally like his music.

As much as I try to convince myself to stick to Coldplay, Amos Lee, Patty Griffin and the likes there of.... I always have those afternoons where I just want to listen to rap...real rap. It just pumps me up and I swear it makes me clean my house better… in high school I thought it made me drive better....and in college I believe it got me better dates. I'm positive Mr. Sabbe knew I was marriage material when he saw me drop it like it's hot for the first time.
Now we can drop it like it's hot for Jesus. Kayne better watch out!

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