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>> Thursday, October 30, 2008

The following may save your marriage...

Lately I have been receiving several complaints regarding the temperature of my feet at bedtime. Mind you we live in a house that was built in 1917. I can feel wind blowing through the walls at times, so technically it's not really my fault. But I will admit, even as I'm sitting here typing this, my feet are really, really cold.

I discovered this cute little tutorial while clicking around one day . A couple nights ago in the midst of my nightly routine of sticking my feet in the bend behind Mr. Sabbe's knees...I thought hmmm, could be worth a try.

Behold... the bedtime feet warmer!

It's basically one big rice-filled bean bag. And it's warm....it's really warm. I may never need the back of Bryan's legs again.

Here is how you can make yourself one, all with stuff you probably already have at your house.

You'll need:
1/4 yard of fabric
1 lb. rice


Cut a rectangle: 36" long x 8" wide

Fold in half, tuck the raw edges in. Sew down three sides, leaving one long side open.

Fold and iron to make crease marks, dividing the long panel into short panels.

Open and sew down the creases, making 8 or so pockets.

Grab your rice. I literally used what we had in the pantry (desperate times call for desperate measures) I would probably experiment with different types of rice if I make another one. The tutorial I linked above mixed her rice with oils that made it smell nice. I didn't have any, but I think that would have been a nice touch.

Pour out of one of these, makes for a much neater process.

Fill your pockets, one at a time. Sew each pocket shut after you fill it.

Microwave for 3 minutes.

Lay in the foot of your bed. Go brush your teeth and wash your face and tuck those toesies into a nice warm cozy bed. I literally think I heard the hiss sound that happens when you pour cold water on a hot skillet last night.

The same design can be used to make a heated scarf. See my lovely model below.

But you must choose, warm the feet or warm to neck and face. Don't use one for both. That's gross.

Again, if you refer to the attached tutorial, she shows you how to make the cover removable and washable. So follow her directions with these dimensions. That's where the muslin and Velcro would be utilized.

Happy Feet Warming!

P.S. Mr. Sabbe did say "smells kind of like P.F. Changs in here" upon which I replied..."hey buddy, pick your poison"

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