Crafts and 4" Heels

>> Thursday, September 18, 2008

It has been the busiest week! I've been working alot. But I love it so it's not bad and my sweet husband is still out of town so I don't feel like a bad wife.

This past Saturday was the Cooper Young Festival! And despite all my ambition to make crafts and have a booth this didn't work out. But that was o.k. with me because I got to stroll around and look at all the other cute booths. It was a wonderful day. I had coffee with my friend Melissa and then in my efforts to be more urban I rode my bike (basket and all) down to the festival. Note that I wore my orange, probably why they won.

Here is a street scene. It made me very excited, although it was very hot that day.

Here are the fun things I came home with. How cute are the UT jumpers! So cute I had to buy two. I know I have several pregnant friends who will put them to good use. And the dish towel was so sweet, almost as sweet as the girls who set up the booth. You should check out their Etsy shop.

But the day didn't end there. I have a friend at work named Lindsey. Her father is the Athletic Ticket Director for Ole' Miss and earlier in the week she sent out an email offering tickets to Saturdays game to anyone who was interested. Well I have always wanted to go to Oxford, see the Grove, and experience all things Ole Miss. So I called my friend Tiffany and we made an afternoon road trip out of it.

The experience started well before we made it to Oxford. You can barely see it, but this car has a monogram on the back of it (bottom right)

And I have always heard about how decked out the students get to go to the games, but I didn't believe it until I saw it. On the way to the stadium these were my top three findings.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Once we're in the stadium we start asking people if they can help us find our seats. We ask 4 different people and get four completely different directions. So finally we ask this cute old man back at the front gate and he points us right here.

That's right, our tickets were basically on the field. They set up folding chairs in these small boxes that are on the field and that's were we were. I must say I could not have done better for my first trip to Oxford. Thanks Lindsey!

Note that I do not typically wear dresses to football games either...but when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

So it was a Saturday consisting of crafts and 4" heels and I definitely went home happy!

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