Grandma Georgia's 75th!

>> Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My mom is emailing all of her friends, see below, with the goal of trying to get 75 birthday cards to my grandma Georgia in West Virginia. If anyone has a minute and a stamp, her address and stats are below. She's trying to get them from all over, so if you live in some cool state even better. And for all you crafters just looking for a reason to craft, here you go. Thanks! Oh and here's a picture, she's the hottie on the left.

Letter from my mom:

As a special tribute to my Mother’s 75 Birthday on June 2, I am asking a favor from you. I am going to attempt to have 75 birthday cards mailed to her from different parts of the United States.

My Mother, like most moms, is an amazing woman. She raised her children on a farm in W.Va. which has been in her family for at least 5 generations. She was widowed at age 31, with 8 children, and never remarried. She has 18 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren and never forgets to send a birthday card! Cards have always been very special to her and she takes the time to choose the perfect card. I know that she would be so surprised and delighted to receive these cards.

Mrs. Georgia Adkins
Rt. 1, Box 260
Harts, WV 25524

If you decide to help with this gift, which I will always appreciate, let her know how you know me, and be sure to include your name, home city and state.

Thank you, in advance, for helping to make my Mother’s 75th Birthday unforgettable!!!

Your friend,


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